Working hard and working together for a long time, because at the heart of every good deal there is a solid, honest, trusting relationship
Being on time, every time because we give you our word and that’s more binding than any contract
Sticking with each other through thick and thin, till you-know-what do us part
Understanding customer needs no matter how diverse; actually the more diverse, the better

Appreciating trust placed on us and sharing each and every success with each and every one who has contributed
Embracing new and difficult challenges and helping our customers excel at them
Taking stock of any situation and providing the optimum solution to rectify the problem
Flying with our friends is more important than flying higher, because success, much like love, grows when shared


To promote natural stones and to provide value adding services to the projects of our carefully selected associates, spanning the full spectrum of the construction sector, including architects, importers and interior designers.


My introduction to the wonderful world of natural stones took place in 2005 when I joined a large and well known marble producer. It didn’t take long to be fascinated by the beauty, luxury and glamor of natural stones as well as the immense variety of applications. Fascination turned into passion in no time!


By 2007 I knew it was time to take the proverbial leap of faith and establish my own firm. Stone Age was created as a private firm and over the next 5 years it focused almost exclusively on the South East Asian market.


Its stable growth and positive prospects led, in 2011, to the firm’s evolution to “Georgiadis LTD”, while maintaining the Stone Age trademark which was already becoming a recognizable brand in the industry.


By 2017, ten years after that first foray into the world of natural stones, our company is again ready to grow even more, reaching new markets! China, Middle East, North and Latin America are parts of our Global Approach Plan, which is already under way.